Our butcher’s shop

All beef, lamb and pork products sold in our butcher’s shop are from our farm, and the meat is prepared for sale here. We specialise in home-reared native breeds and focus on sustainable farming methods and the highest standards of animal welfare.


From us, you can buy quality free-range meat – from our farm to our butcher and directly to your home. We have several types of fresh meat for sale, including grass-fed lamb and dry-aged beef from our farm, free-range bacon dry cured on our premises, as well as homemade sausage rolls and burgers. Explore our butcher section below or come and visit us: we’re always happy to give advice on the best cut for a particular recipe or share some cooking tips.

Beef - the cuts

Some of our favourite cuts:

Shoulder (or chuck) – delicious in stews or casseroles (lobby); we also use this cut for mince

Brisket –extremely tasty when braised, or roasted very slowly

Shank – makes a fabulous chilli

The butcher's guide cuts of beef
The butcher's guide cuts of lamb

Lamb - the cuts

Some of our favourite cuts:

Shoulder – fantastic when slow-roasted

Rib – rib chops are lovely fried or barbecued, just a few minutes on each side

Leg – great roasted whole, this cut is full of flavour and very lean

We also love mutton and hogget. Hogget is a juvenile sheep aged one to two years, while mutton is over two years of age. When slow-cooked, this meat is incredibly flavoursome and tender, melting in your mouth. Why not try out this mutton curry recipe and see for yourself?

Pork - the cuts

Some of our favourite cuts:

Tenderloin (or back fat) – very lean and best when quickly pan-fried or roasted

Pork chops (loin) – tender and lean, excellent in stir-fries

Ham hock – there are various ways of cooking this cheap cut of meat, we love it best when slow-roasted

The butcher's guide cuts of pork