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Raising money for breast cancer research, helping women who are less fortunate than us, and recycling are all topics that are close to our hearts. That’s why the Against Breast Cancer Bra Bank seemed the obvious choice when we were looking for a charity to support.


The recycling scheme collects old, new and surplus bras, to generate vital funds for pioneering breast cancer research.


Instead of going to landfill, the bras that are in good condition are sent to developing countries, such as Togo, Ghana and Kenya, where such items are too expensive to produce locally. The local women can then sell the bras at affordable prices, not only providing them with an income but also protecting the new owners, as women who wear a bra are less likely to be attacked.


The scheme provides an income for families in developing countries, and it also creates jobs for people living in the UK, as any items that are genuinely beyond redemption are dismantled and disposed of properly.


So far, we have collected nearly 2,600 unwanted and unloved bras and would be delighted if you brought your donations to the Bra Bank in our shop.


We can all do our bit to leave this world a little better than we found it, and together we can do so much more! So, ladies, don’t be shy, please drop off your unwanted bras when you next visit us!


We look forward to seeing you.nearly

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