Farm shop

We believe there is a strong link between food production, the environment and public health. That’s why we take a sustainable approach to farming, treating the animals with the respect they deserve and following traditional methods of rearing. We’re also great advocates of eating fresh and local food.


Our Produce

We’re a farming and butchery business selling high-welfare, home-bred meat, seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as other bits and pieces from carefully selected local suppliers. This allows us to offer total traceability for everything that leaves our shop. The meat from our farm includes beef, lamb and pork. Our beef comes from native breeds, such as Dexter, Aberdeen Angus and Hereford. Whenever possible, our cattle are kept outside. They are mainly grass-fed with a supplement of local grain.

Our sheep, a breed from the Llyn Peninsula in Wales, also live outside.

We also keep home-reared native pigs from which we make sausages in a variety of flavours, dry-cured bacon and gammon.

The chicken and eggs in our shop are free-range and locally sourced. Depending on season, we also sell game. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on what’s fresh in our shop.

The food we eat should be full of quality nutrients and have travelled as few miles as possible. That’s why we’re very selective about the suppliers we work with and we only offer local produce.

The milk we sell comes from Bidlea Dairy, Crewe, while our cheeses and butter are sourced from Joseph Heler, Nantwich.

We’re delighted that you can find ‘hand-raised’ pork pies, as well as pickles and mustards from Powells Pies, Whitchurch (Shropshire), on our shelves.

Farm shop selling own produce

Our vegetables come from K&L Fresh Fruit & Veg, who are based in Stoke-on-Trent, and we’re pleased to be selling fresh bread from Snapes Bakers, a traditional, family-run artisan bakery from Woore.

We also sell honey from Bank Farm, Woore, Mrs Darlington’s jams and marmalades from Crewe, and berries and other fruit, as well as flowers from Woore Fruit Farm.


Just like the suppliers we work with, we offer produce that is not available in a supermarket: finest-quality local food. Our food is fresh and seasonal, which means that you won’t always find the same products on our shelves. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date on what’s fresh in our shop.