Our Suppliers

We offer our customers high-quality local produce that has been responsibly farmed with everybody’s best interest at heart. This includes the land, the animals and the customer. What we can’t source directly from our own farm comes from carefully selected suppliers, which include:

Packington Free Range

We’re delighted to be selling free-range chicken from this Staffordshire family-run farm. Packington Free Range is incredibly passionate about animal welfare and the environment, and as a result of their sustainable farming methods, their award-winning produce is richly flavoured and premium in every way.

When born, their chicks are housed in warm and well-ventilated sheds. When the chicks are about three weeks old, the shed doors are opened, allowing the birds to roam free on established pasture during the daytime. At night, they’re brought back in to safety, to protect them from foxes, for example.

Bidlea Dairy

The Bidlea team have been raising their Bidlea girls for three generations. Their herd of over 900 Holstein-Friesian cows lives outside for the majority of the year. The Cheshire farm has a strict non-GMO policy, ensuring that their cows only eat natural, home-grown feed, resulting in the tastiest and highest-quality milk.

Bidlea Dairy cultivates its farmland for smaller ecosystems to flourish. Their cows roam free and happily graze on tasty grass, surrounded by beautiful scenery and fresh country air. All the milk from the farm is processed on-site too, in a state-of-the-art dairy barn, which was built in 2018. This ensures that the milk is as fresh as possible, and free from any nasty additives or preservatives.